Gaming  Sector

Gaming  Sector

The official Colombian company that manages the gaming sector Colleagues has announced on its Twitter a new platform authorized for online games in Colombia – Sportium. Colonoscopy has contributed that the Colombian market now has 9 authorized platforms. The online gaming sector in Colombia and other countries in the Americas is equally busy with the process of preparing for another important event in the industry.


It will take place the twentieth international fair of games of chance “FADJA” in Bogota. FADJA Colombia is an effective marketing tool for developers, distributors and operators of online casino games in Colombia and internationally. New platforms for sports betting, casinos and online games will be presented at the fair, including virtual 3D and HD solutions.


The fair in Bogota will also be an opportunity to learn more about new regulations and legal issues in the gaming sector. Meanwhile we offer here the answers to the most frequent questions of the new users of the online casinos.


I’m curious but I’m still not willing to bet money. Are there free games?

Yes. Almost all games have a free demo version that allows you to play with virtual money for as long as you want. Registration for demo versions is usually not necessary.


What system is used to place bets and collect profits?

Online casinos offer players several secure payment options. Among them are credit cards, electronic payment systems and crypts currencies. All personal data is stored on a secure and protected server and kept secret.


In what currency can the profits be collected?

Online casinos offer almost all of the world’s major currencies for their games, including the euro, the Swiss franc, the US dollar and the pound sterling. Most of the winnings can be withdrawn in the selected currency, but you must confirm the information on the page of the general conditions of the casino.


Is there a minimum or maximum amount to be able to play online?

In most online casinos a minimum deposit of 5 or 10 Euros is usually required. This amount is also required in order to use the voucher when registering. Most online casinos have no limit on the amount they can withdraw. However, some casinos can not pay more than 5000 euros per week.


Can you create multiple accounts in an online casino?

No. Also, it is strictly prohibited. A player can only have one account. In case of violation of this rule, all player accounts will be suspended.

Anyway, when you decide to play in games of chance, whether online or in a traditional casino, you must always do so responsibly and in accordance with the law. Thus, one can be sure that the money that he invests goes also for the development of the state, as in the case of Colombia, which invests a large part of the profits of the industry in health.

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