The game of poker is to bet a certain amount of money in order to inflate his kitty.  The players around a table start the game with an ‘blind’ which is called a blind bet because it allows to bet a certain amount of money before the distribution of cards.


The players are then distributed a hand of two cards, the rest of the package meanwhile is deposited in the center of the table.  The beginning of the game follows, the card above the package is burned, that is to say that it is not used, it is deposited face down on the table.


The first two cards are then posed visibly in the center of the table, which then allows the player to be wagered either to lie down or in particular cases of ‘check’ that is to say not to bet of money.  The game continues in this way until 5 cards are posed visibly on the table.


After placing the 5 cards players can bet one last time then each player using his two cards and the one on the card looks for the best game he can achieve, the best game will decide who wins the bet present on the table.  In the case where a player has a really strong game he can decide to bet all the chips on the table that is to say a ‘carpet’.


The ranking of the games can vary from the pair which is quite low to the ‘Royal Flush’ which consist of a sequel to the ace (as-king-lady-valet-ten) and a color but the color is not just based on red and black but also by the sign.


Avoid playing online bingo at the weekend. Indeed, if virtual bingo sites suffer from attendance problems during business days, they are overcrowded on Saturdays and Sundays. This implies that the competition is more intense. Why ? At the weekend, Bingo games are often offered free to players and the chances of winning are very slim.


The best time to play online Bingo is during business days, Monday to Friday, preferably in the morning. This is the appointment time for amateurs, whose level is low.


The online bingo player will have to get closer to the most convincing operator from the commercial point of view, that is to say the one who offers him the best no deposit bonuses and promotional offers .

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