Asojuegos Asks to Create Elite Body Against Illegal Bets

Asojuegos Asks to Create Elite Body Against Illegal Bets

Asojuegos, which represents the companies in this activity, will ask the Government to set up an elite group to fight against illegality, taking into account that this is a phenomenon that affects the sector and generates a “hole” in the finances of the sector health.

The union will present this request within the framework of the LAFT America congress against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, which will be held on September 19 and 20 in Bogotá.

“We call on the Government to assume this commitment with all vehemence. As it has been said that in its first 100 days they want to set the guidelines of the legality of ‘the one who makes the pay’, we want the one who does it in the matter of illegal gambling to pay it, because they are affecting the stability of a legal activity and health resources, “says Juan Carlos Restrepo, president of Asojuegos.


Believes that this elite group should be formed by the Prosecutor’s Office, the Police, the regulator, the Ministry of Finance (UIAF) and local authorities, taking into account that illegal operate throughout the national territory.


Restrepo reiterates that 40 percent of the games are still illegal and that this, in economic terms, represents about $ 1.3 billion that the country stops receiving, which directly affects the financing of the health of Colombians.


According to Asojuegos, the legal companies in the sector contribute $ 1.7 billion for exploitation rights, VAT and taxes. Of that total, $ 800,000 million go directly to health. Companies in the sector may be generating around 300,000 jobs in the country, both direct and indirect.


Juan Carlos Restrepo drew attention to the situation of some online gaming companies. From his point of view, “it is not about illegal companies, but those that do not pay, that do not have permission to operate in Colombia. They are unfair competition for those who are meeting all the requirements” .


Ensures that one of the ways to control this is that when players or gamblers use their channels to pay through the financial sector, they detect those companies that do not pay exploitation rights. Restrepo assures that this elite body must do a daily job of detecting these pages without a license, because millions are operating all over the world.


The gaming sector is increasingly organized and regulated and, from a technological point of view, is in continuous innovation. So those illegals are the ones that damage the image of the sector.


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